From 2020 to 2022 we created brand illustrations for has previously created a general illustration style. They wanted to push the style further and make it more applicable to the product. We started by defining a few diverse characters that will be re-used throughout. Having a cast of pre-approved characters streamlined the approval process later. 
Illustrations are often paired with key product concepts. We worked with the Brand and the Product team to narrow down a list of product concepts on which the illustrations are based. This forms the basis of the illustration library. Having illustrations tied to product concepts speeds up adoption. Designers are already familiar with product concepts--they can quickly find what they need in the library.
Major product concepts also have illustrations that integrate vertically. Different sizes are needed for different UI designs, from icons, notification windows, and dialogue boxes, to on-boarding screens.  Merely scaling up/down the same image will not work. Instead, we created varying levels of complexity with reinforced visual cues.
We also create an icon library. 
What the icons look like in the app.
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